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I’m Michele Foster a quilt designer, author and teacher from Ottawa, Canada. Many of you might know me as the founder of the Quilting Gallery. I started the Quilting Gallery site in December 2007 as a way to combine my passion for quilting and my work life as a freelance web developer.

I made my first quilt around 1994 at a class in Aurora, Ontario. It was a quillow, which I gave to my parents for Christmas, or to my mom for Mother’s Day. I sure wish I knew about labelling quilts back then, as I’ve forgotten the exact details. I made a few other quilts on my own after that first class before taking a 10-year hiatus from quilting to build my web development business.

It wasn’t until I started the Quilting Gallery site in 2007, that my own quilting journey really took off. Since then, I have been perfecting my quilting skills, trying new techniques, experimenting, learning and coming up with what works best for me.

Since 2012, I have been teaching quilt making online with detailed photo tutorials that are available as PDF files. With my Learn to Quilt Booklets, I have taught hundreds of quilters from around the world. I have also designed and published my own quilting patterns that are available in PDF format for instant download.

My Latest Designs/Patterns

Delightful Stars Booklet

In 2014, I taught an advanced beginner quilt, Delightful Stars. This quilt finishes at an extra large, queen-sized quilt. The lessons, tutorials, tips and resources have been compiled into a 195-page booklet with detailed step-by-step colour photos.


Starlight – Paper Pieced Templates

Based on a block from my Delightful Stars quilt, Starlight is paper pieced templates that finish at 6″, 9″, 12″ and 14″ square. This is a dramatic star block with umpteen colour and fabric options.

Starlight - Paper Pieced Templates

See also the FREE Starlight Table Runner. The templates above are required to complete the free table runner.


Booklet: Paper Piecing Tutorial for Beginners

Recently, I put together a 29-page Paper Piecing Tutorial for Beginners. Included in this detailed photo tutorial are six paper pieced blocks that finish at 6″ square. Each block has been chosen as it provides a learning opportunity for a specific aspect of paper piecing.


Block Library – Free Quilt Block Tutorials

Join me in a piecing challenge! Block Library is a result of my own personal challenge to piece one new quilt block each week in two sizes. You can join me. Each week, I will be sharing the instructions for completing a quilt block in 6″ and 12″ finished sizes. You can make all of the blocks, some of the blocks, or pick and choose blocks you like to use in your own quilt.


Learn to Quilt Booklets

Learn to Quilt Booklets

In 2012, I taught beginner quilters from around the world how to quilt while we completed the Breezy Beginner’s Sampler Quilt together. The lessons and tutorials have been compiled into a 70-page booklet with detailed step-by-step colour photos.

In 2013, I taught an advanced beginner quilt, Aiming for Accuracy. The lessons, tutorials, tips and resources have been compiled into a 104-page booklet with detailed step-by-step colour photos.